Buyer Policy

Camdy is a gift marketplace where you can find unique, personalised products under one roof. In order to safeguard the interest of both our sellers and buyers, we expect you, as a buyer, to observe our buyer policy.

Note: This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By shopping on Camdy, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use. You also understand that Camdy reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account that violates any of our policies.


Camdy provides a venue for buyers and sellers to enter into a transaction. However, it is important to note that Camdy is not directly involved in the actual transaction. By shopping on Camdy, you understand and agree that:

  • You are not buying directly from Camdy, but from the sellers themselves;
  • It is up to the seller to ensure the sale is legally authorised, accurately describe their products, package them, ship them, insure them, offer warranty and after-sales service.
  • Every seller has their own processing time, shipping methods and shop policies;
  • Camdy does not guarantee or endorse any items sold on Camdy or any content posted by sellers.

As a member of our community, you have the right to flag/report an item or a shop that violates any of Camdy’s policies, provided it is done so in a responsible manner.


By making a purchase from a seller on Camdy, you understand and agree that:

  • Sellers on Camdy have different shop policies, processing time and shipping methods; 
  • You have read the product details and shop policies before purchasing;
  • You have provided correct delivery information to the seller;
  • You will not intentionally cause disturbance to our seller (e.g. buying from a seller for the purpose of leaving a negative review).


Communication on our platform may not be conducted for the following activities:

  • Sending or spamming advertisements, promotions or other unsolicited materials.
  • Harassing or abusing another user of our platform.
  • Causing disturbance to the business of our seller. (For example, purchasing from a seller for the sole purpose of leaving a negative review)
  • Contacting someone after explicit request not to.

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) is enacted by the Malaysian government in 2010 to protect individual’s personal data in commercial transactions. Therefore, all sellers are required to adhere to PDPA in their communication on Camdy platform.

You may have access to buyer’s information as a result of transacting with that buyer. This information may only be used for Camdy-related communication or for Camdy-facilitated transactions. You may not use this information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorised transactions. You may not add any Camdy user to your email or physical mailing list, or store and/or misuse any sensitive information without the explicit consent of the buyer.


Buyers can leave a review within 30 days from their item’s expected delivery date.
Your reviews may not:

  • Contain obscene, vulgar, racist, or offensive language.
  • Contain private information.
  • Contain advertising or spam.
  • Contain any element of shilling or extortion. Any attempts to manipulate reviews through threats, intimidation, bribery or offer of additional goods, services or compensation in exchange for a positive review will be severely dealt with. 
  • Undermine the integrity of Camdy’s review system.

Reviews must reflect the honest and unbiased opinions or experience of the buyers. Camdy reserves the right to remove any reviews that violate our policies or Terms of Use.


In the unlikely event that the transaction between you and a seller does not go as expected, we provide a venue for you to voice your concern here. You can lodge a complaint with us under the following circumstances:

Late Delivery - Item not delivered on the agreed upon time.
Non-Delivery - Item not delivered at all.
Not-as-Described - Item delivered but its condition is not as described by the seller.