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In a world where nuclear war, natural disasters, political instability, corruption and so many more horrible things happen on a daily basis, it's difficult to feel that the world is the way it should be. So often the new shows us the very worst parts of humanity, but that doesn't mean that there isn't good to be found.

If you believe that we owe the world better, we are behind you 100%. This Unity Chime is designed to represent the coming together of us all in order to create a better, more peaceful world.

Each of it's 7 chimes represents one of the candles of unity, those are:
- Unity in Thought
- Unity of Religion
- Unity of Race
- Unity in Nations
- Unity in Language
- Unity in Politics
- Unity in Freedom

It's hanging symbol also bears a nine-pointed star and a dove meant to represent the nine religions of the world living in unity and peace together.

We believe that unity is the way forward. And if you believe that only way to a better world is together, each of these chimes was made with love and care with you in mind.


- 45cm from top to bottom

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