Tubular fabric / lace beads necklace (with Kabo )

  • West Malaysia - RM12 get it within 14-21 working days from dispatch
  • East Malaysia - RM12 get it within 14-21 working days from dispatch
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Are you looking for personalized necklace for Christmas celebration?or a Christmas gift? We offer you unique design of necklaces that combine the elements of Borneo and English. You can't find these elsewhere.

Our handcrafted necklaces are featuring kabo (pendant inspired by Orang Ulu ethnic from Borneo) and pua kumbu print fabric beads.

If you looking for masterpiece handcrafted ethnic necklace with Pua Kumbu motif, look no more.

Design A
Hello pink colour fans! We proud to introduce you tubular pink lace beads necklace, featuring sparkling pink kabo,porcelain beads,glass pearls and shell chips.

Design B
Tubular fabric beads with pua kumbu print necklace.Also featuring sparkling little kabo (aqua colour),turquoise and shell chips.

Design C
Tubular fabric beads necklace with Pua Kumbu motif.Featuring bling kabo,glass beads and porcelain beads.

Design D
Tubular fabric beads (with pua kumbu print) necklace. Featuring sparkling red kabo,porcelain beads,glass pearls,red turquoise & shell chips.

Design E 
"Ranai" Tubular pua kumbu print necklace with sparkling kabo. Contemporary ethnic necklace that combined the element of Iban and Orang Ulu tribes in Sarawak,Borneo.

Design F
Tubular fabric (pua kumbu print) beads necklace with triplet of kabo.Featuring glass beads,Sarawak ceramic beads and shell chips.100% made with pure love and passion.

- Custom-order. Takes 2-3 weeks to be done.


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