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  • Malaysia Peninsular - RM0 by Friday 3 April 2020
  • International delivery not available.
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  • Fresh roses flowers (standard roses)
  • Ombre colour consist of: Red / Pink / White
  • Order close by 10th Feb'20, Delivery period from 10th - 15th Feb'20


Wrapper Colour Option

  • Black / White / Red / Pink



    • This photo is just a reference of our previously done bouquet as a guide for you in choosing your future bouquet in terms of design and budget. if you love the idea of this arrangement, you may checkout under this item. Please note that for Single Blooms it may look 80% similar as per the photo reference, another 20% will be vary depending on flower colour and wrapper available on the day. Rest assured, we work hard to guarantee your satisfaction and we promise the bouquet will look beautiful as ever!



    At the "additional remarks" section above, please include info that we should bear in mind while creating your bouquet if you have any preferences, or else we will arrange accordingly with the best choice available.

    1. Wrapper Colour (for bouquet): choose from the option above


    Delivery Fee

    Please google how long is the distance from your exact location to SHAMELIN STAR RESIDENCE, and choose the delivery fee accordingly.