Tea Gift Bag

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“Tea Gift Bag”

This flower tea mix blend is a light,floral,soothing herbal tea blend that helps calm nerves,relax the body,quiet the mind & relieve anxiety.A delightful daily sipping tea to deal with heightened stress or just to relax at the end of a long day.


This blend of tea has a rich antioxidants that helps against raging & protects the body against diseases.Low in calories contain,for 1 cup serving contains only 80 calories & virtually no fat,has a full dietary fiber. Brain boosting food that protects & prevent age related memory problems. It helps to cure liver diseases & reduces the risk of cancer,it can also speed up the metabolism & help in gradual weight loss.It can serve as an excellent food supplement & aid to boost the body immune system. Nourishes your skin,preventing wrinkles & dark spots.It also boost digestion,making it great slimming tea and can promote a good and relaxing restful sleep.


Choose any 6 tea's for a gift set 

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