Pyramid of Moss - Personalized Moss Friend

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The Pyramid of Moss is the latest addition to MossTomo series by TerraLiving. It features distinct layering adopted from the Ecotube series.

How to take care of your Pyramid of Moss?
i) Open the glass lid and spray with filtered water 10 times a week. It goes up to 1 month without watering.
ii) Leave it in cool environment, preferably below 30°C. Ocassional aircond is good for the moss health too.
iii) Leave in well-lit in-door environment such as office table. It grows perfectly and vibrant in colour if there's dedicated table lamp. Avoid direct sunlight.
iv) Says hello to the Pyramid of Moss once a day to receive +1 happiness point.

Pyramid of Moss specifications:
Glass vessel size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 16cm
Glass lid: Fully flexible and seamless glass hinge system developed by TerraLiving