Photography Guidelines

Needless to say, the way you present your products online has a significant and direct impact on your sales. We strongly believe that when it comes to eCommerce, high-quality product photography can make all the difference. The perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your business is often judged by your product presentation.

If the photos of your product are not up to expectations, we might ask you to replace the photos with better quality ones.

Camdy’s Standard for Product Images

  • Product must be in focus. 
  • Image must be well lit. For best results, shoot your products against a ‘sweep’, which is a white backdrop (e.g. mahjong paper) that seamlessly transitions from the vertical to the horizontal surface. It will reflect white light onto your product, giving you a well-lit product photo that needs few or no brightness and contrast adjustments. 
  • Photos should show alternate angles of the product so as to aid buyers in making purchase decisions.
  • Scaling. Photo should give a hint of the size of the item. Either by having a model carry your product or by placing props beside the product, it should give buyers a good idea of how big the actual product will be. 
  • Pornography and offensive materials are not allowed.

Technical Requirements

Product images submitted to Camdy must meet the following technical specifications:

  • They must be in JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) or PNG (.png) format.
  • Pixel Dimension: Preferably at least 1000 or larger in either height or width.