Personalised Moss Ecotube M

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What is the Ecotube?

*An in-door & desktop moss garden which is highly portable & low in maintenance.
*The moss won't fall off even if you invert it.
*A closed system moss terrarium.
*Best selling & flagship design by TerraLiving


Size: 6.5cm X 9.5cm 
Plant material: Moss (Leucobryum glaucum)
Substrate: Organic materials & rocks
Vessel: Glass & treated cork with micropores
Function: Keeps you accompanied, absorbs
electromagnetic radiation & increase alertness at work or study.

*Notice: Kitties 1 and White rabbit were sold out. We are expecting to restock them on the mid of September.

How long can it live?

Based on TerraLiving collection & customers feedback, it's been 1.5 years and still living. Theoretically, as long as you take care of it, it should live as long as you wish to.


How to take care of the Ecotube?


i) Keep it in-door all the time with sufficient in-door light such as room light or office light.

ii) DO NOT expose it to direct sun light. Occasional passive sunlight from the window is acceptable but not for too long.

iii) It can live up to 32oC in-door but keep it monitored.

iv) Open the cap for some fresh air If environment is too hot.

v) Air-cond environment such as office is perfect & it will grow about 2mm per year. It can even live in refrigerator.

vi) Mist spray onto all the surface of moss to make sure they have enough water. Never pour water straight into the Ecotube to prevent overwatering.

vii) Watering frequency is once every 2 weeks to 1 month. If you forgot to water for too long, it will hibernate. Spray lots of water to wake it up.


*Moss is 100% natural from Holland. Therefore, their appearance may be slightly different from what's shown in the photo.
*This is 100% handmade so there's no perfectly same Ecotube.
*Rest assured, we selected the highest grade possible moss to make the Ecotube.