P3) Natural Handmade Scented Wax 诸事圆满配套

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Natural handmade scented wax
Wax: Natural beeswax + Soy wax
Scent: 100% Pure Essential Oil (Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Rosewood)

发财猪1香薰蜡 Weight: 30g +- 5g
Size: 3.5cm (w) x 5cm (l) x 2.5cm (h)

发财猪2香薰蜡 Weight: 30g +- 5g
Size: 4cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 2.2cm (h)

趴趴猪香薰蜡 Weight: 45g +- 5g
Size: 4cm (w) x 6cm (l) x 3cm (h)

Box: 13cm (w) x 14cm (l) x 5cm (h)

* Just place at anywhere in your home or office to enjoy the aroma