Mid Autumn Mooncakes (4 pieces)

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Being the traditional Chinese pastry, mooncakes have been very significant especially to ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. With beautiful decorations on top and tender pastry skin, Junandus mooncakes cater to your every desire of four (4) different fillings in our mooncake set.


Product Details:

  • Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake

- The saltiness of single salted egg yolk balance out the sweetness of lotus paste, creating the perfect sweet and salty palate there is. Preferred by mooncake connoisseurs everywhere.


  • Mixed Nuts Mooncake

- Sweet, salty, and nutty taste of almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seed, and pumpkin seed, this enticing Chinese dessert is better enjoyed with a cup of hot Chinese tea.


  • Pandan Single Yolk Mooncake

- Salted egg yolk that could never go wrong with pandan paste as it enhances the fragrance into a pleasant scent of the traditional pastry.


  • Red Bean Single Yolk Mooncake

- Rich, thick, and sweetened red bean paste as a filling may result to one the best mooncakes with a high-end taste to it that will boost your experience overall.