KONCENT Malaysia

    1. Ornament Card Case
      Ornament Card Case
      Special Price RM79.20 was RM132.00
    2. Cupmen 4 - Twins
      Cupmen 4 - Twins
      Special Price RM17.50 was RM35.00
    3. Cupwomen 3 - Cheerful
      Cupwomen 3 - Cheerful
      Special Price RM17.50 was RM35.00
    4. Hanatsubaki Rice Bowl Set
      Hanatsubaki Rice Bowl Set
    5. Cupmen - Hold On
      Cupmen - Hold On
      Special Price RM17.50 was RM35.00
    6. UKI HASHI - The Restless Chopsticks
      UKI HASHI - The Restless Chopsticks
    7. KOBITO cup & stand
      KOBITO cup & stand
      Special Price RM32.50 was RM65.00
    8. Island Coaster
      Island Coaster
    9. KOMA Rice Bowl Set
      KOMA Rice Bowl Set
    10. Cha - Saji Spoon
      Cha - Saji Spoon
    11. Nabe Cooking Pot
      Nabe Cooking Pot
      Special Price RM310.00 was RM620.00
    12. Enots Side Table
      Enots Side Table
      Special Price RM152.00 was RM190.00
    13. Animal Stool
      Animal Stool
Our Story

Welcome to KONCENT Malaysia, a Tokyo based retail store that connects consumers with the world of Japanese design. KONCENT is the brainchild of Hideyoshi Nagoya, founder of product design studio based in Tokyo called h concept. In Japanese, KONCENT literally means power point or metaphorically a source of energy.

KONCENT Malaysia is operated by local partner, Pride Works who were also the ones to introduce similar range of products under the retail shop, The Jekyll & Hyde Project. Sharing similar passion towards Japanese designs, culture and the design industry as a whole, KONCENT Malaysia aims to introduce more delightful products to Malaysian consumers and also to serve as a platform for all sorts of design related activities.