Handmade Hugged Heat Pack

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Hugged Is:
- 100% handmade
- 100% natural ingredients, non toxic
- 100% cotton

Best Used For:
- Easing back pain, neck pain, period pains
- Relieving muscle soreness & joint ache
- Just getting the feeling of a warm hug

- Fold it into a size that fits in your microwave, turn the microwave on for 1-2 minutes and the heat paack will be ready for use
- Can be use in the clinic or at home

- Wrap in a towel if the temperature is too hot for your skin
- Due to the natural ingredents inside, bugs may breed. To clear a bug infestation, put the heat pack in the microwave.
- Store in a cool dry place at room temperature
- Ensure the product stays dry. Do not wash.

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