My English Felties (Flash Cards)

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My English FELTIES

My English FELTIES are innovated for kids to learn using objects. They are easier and quicker if being taught by the combination of the flash felt techniques, the sound of the alphabet and objects.

This set contains of 26 objects which are made from the material: FELT.
- not torn off easilytidak mudah koyak
- safe for babies 
- can also be used as soft toys for kids above 3 months.

A: apple

B: bird

C: Carrot

D: duck

E: elephant


G: giraffe

H: hand

I: icecream

J: jelly fish

K: kite

L: ladybug

M: moon

N: number

O: orange

P: pencil

Q: queen

R: rabbit

S: strawberry

T: tree

U: umbrella

V: van

W: whale

X: xray

Y: yoyo

Z: zebra