Ecotube XL ZERO - Event Special Edition

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Ecotube XL ZERO (S) is part of the ZERO series family by TerraLiving.

In ZERO series, moss of highest quality incubated in our farm were selected at its healthiest state to go through rapid cooling and moisture removal (a frozen process).Then, the moss were eternised by safe cosmetic & food grade material to fill up the removed moisture, thus retaining its orginal softness, texture, smell and shape.

ZERO Moss, a.k.a Frozen Moss are all made and crafted in TerraLiving Gallery, Melaka to ensure the greatest quality control.

Materials formulated by us in the process ZERO Moss preservation are non-toxic and safe.

The moss is 100% real and natural. The moss specimen is no longer alive or we treat it as in a state of suspended animation, therefore they will not grow. The moss requires ZERO maintenance and they can last for 5 - 10 years if kept properly closed.

NEVER expose ZERO Moss to sunlight and NEVER spray water. Keep them in cool & dry place.

Design Model: Ecotube XL
Glass vessel: 6cm x 15cm
Plant material: Preserved bun moss (Leucobryum glaucum)

*Preserved & designed by TerraLiving Gallery, Melaka

What's in the package:
i) EcoTube ZERO (S)
ii) Instruction manual
iii) TerraLiving season limited edition Namecard
iv) TerraLiving Paper Bag