EcoQuote iPhone 6 / 6s Phone Case Eco-Friendly Bamboo or Cork Material, Sustainable & Great For Vegan

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For iPhone 6 / 6s
**Phone not included

Hard PC: shell type case, minimalist

Flexi TPU: full 360-degree flexible protection 

Key features / Highlights:
- Bamboo & Cork materials are prepared by handcrafted 
- Bamboo smooth to the touch & long lasting, Cork supple to the touch, provide more grip
- Eco-friendly handmade from Bamboo & Cork materials
- Water, fungus & stain resistant, long lasting as in natural 
- Sustainable alternative fashion styling
- Very unique handmade craft, prefect for that special someone 
- Special, contemporary, vegan friends will love it!

Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide per hectare than equivalent trees. Most bamboo grows well without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and so growing it doesn't contribute to these chemicals entering groundwater. Of course, it is also biodegradable.

Cork is not only an eco-friendly and cruelty-free product and looks incredible in our opinion of course.

Cork is an impermeable buoyant material, the phellem layer of bark tissue that is harvested for commercial use primarily from Quercus suber (the Cork Oak). Cork is composed of suberin, a hydrophobic substance and, because of its impermeable, buoyant, elastic, and fire retardant properties, it is used in a variety of products, the most common of which is wine stoppers but now our products:-)