EcoQuote Handmade Jute Handy Pouch Eco-Freindly, Sustainable & Great for Vegan

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100% handcrafted by our rural community, supporting livelihood & better education opportunity.
Jute (Guni) material was reuse from coffee bean sacks, absolutely no waste:-)

1 x Zip closure
1 x Inner compartment waterproof finishing
1 x Wristlet

Key features / Highlights:
- Dimension: Width 14 x Length 22 x Height 1 (cm)
- Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly
- Reuse & 100% handcrafted from the coffee bean sacks with no skin irritations effect
- Easy to grow has low pesticide and fertilizer needs and thus less environment impact
- Therefore, jute is very suitable in agricultural commodity bulk packaging, reduce plastic usage
- Natural fibers with high tensile strength & low extensibility & better breathability
- High durability, heat & fire resistance, good insulating and antistatic properties
- Low thermal conductivity, moderate moisture regain & acoustic insulating
- Sustainable alternative materials, from the ancient to the future
- Very unique handmade craft, perfect for that special someone or occasions
- Special, contemporary, vegan friends will love it!