EcoQuote Handmade Bamboo Big Straws Eco Friendly, Reusable & Sustainable ~ An End to Plastic

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Buy a dozen (12pcs) free Coconut Fibre straw brush, handmade too:-)

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Why choose Bamboo Straws?
- Wider in diameter 0.8 to 1.2cm, Length 19.5cm, handmade with love:-)
- Ideal for thicker drinks like smoothies, bubble tea, protein shakes, thick shakes, grass jelly etc...
- Eco-friendly, environment-friendly
- Our bamboo straws are 100% compostable & biodegradable.
- It's also reusable & easy to clean; just rinse to dry 
- Safe for kids. Natural finishing, absolutely no chemicals!
- Contains a substance called bamboo-kun, which is an antimicrobial agent that gives it a natural resistance to pests and fungi.
- Great for travel, perfect match style with our case.

Lot of us in different culture background not yet ready to totally skip the straws, this is a good alternative without giving up too much straw-ing experience.

Miss the straws?
- Straw-ing experience still remains enjoyable such as milkshake, smoothie, grass jelly or even bubble tea time.
- Helps those suffer from sensitive tooths, who enjoy cold drinks:-)
- Dentists also recommend drinking juices or soft drinks through a straw

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