Our Story

At EcoQuote, we believe that fashion cannot only be cruelty free but also a cause for good. Our natural resources are limited, sustainable lifestyle will be trend of the future. All products are high quality handmade by lower income urban community. 

Cork is not only an eco-friendly and cruelty free; It is also lightweight, durable, natural fire retardant, near-impermeability (water resistant) and looks incredible in our opinion of course. We strive to change consumer behavior by bringing to market cruelty free products that people love! Make use of cut-off Cork bark from cork flooring, household, cork wine stopper industry and turn it into great looking Vegan friendly products. No trees are harmed either-:)

We hope using animal skins becomes a thing of the past and that we can help, if even just a little bit, move the world forward by using Cork! By choosing Cork you are actually joining in our mission to increase its use in not only in fashion but all industries. Increased demand for Cork protects these vital and ensure that they survive and are sustained for years to come.

Choose to use Cork! Come see what we have to offer, surely you will lovin it!

Handmade with LOVE!