Crochet Amigurumi Doll YOYO And CICI Wedding Doll

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These is finished doll about 30cm(H)x 14cm(W)

Materials made of doll: N8 doll yarn (Taiwan), crochet hook 4.0 mm, soft stuffing cotton, tulle fabric, DIY paper flower, aluminium wire (Hands only)


Amigurumi care Instructions:
Cleaning : The method is to put the plush in a towel, pillow case, or any piece of fabric (wrap it) that can protect the yarn from felting or being exposed, and set the machine to gentle wash, cold. Then you can air dry it, or if you put it in the dryer, again at the lowest setting and put a tiny bit of detergent in the machine.


Dried: Some materials can be machine dried.  I would always use a low setting, and keep it in the pillowcase it was washed in to minimize rubbing against other items of clothing.  (Dryer in low setting is usually) If you don't want to use the dryer, you can roll the little ami in a towel and gently squeeze the excess liquid out.  DO NOT WRING.  You can must the animal around in the towel (don't rub it, as that might wear on the yarn).  Leave in a dry place to air-dry.  If you want to speed up the process, try using a hair dryer--the heat is easier to monitor than the inside of a dryer.


If they lose their shape:
Amigurumi is shaped largely by placing the stuffing properly inside the little animal, and the tension in the stitches used to hold the appendages on.  Being played with can cause the stuffing to shift, ears can lie down, etc.  Don't be afraid to squish and pull your creature back into shape if necessary.  If it's misshapen after being washed, wait for it to dry before squeezing and squashing it so that the yarn doesn't stretch (sometimes being wet can loosen the fibres a little bit).  A little gentle squeezing can bring your animal back to shape, or give it a whole new look!

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