Christmas Gift Set (Gingerbread Man Handmade Soap)

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Each gift set includes:


Items2pcs transparent red & green Gingerbread Man Handmade Soap.

Ingredient: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Water, Glycerine, Peppemint Essential Oil

Packaging: Hard card stylish Christmas gift box.

Complimentary: 1 small personalised message card (9cm x 5cm)


Gift set options:


Basic : 2 Gingerbread Man

Basic 1: 2 Gingerbread Man + 1 Product

Basic 2: 2 Gingerbread Man + 2 Products

Basic 3: 2 Gingerbread Man + 3 Products

Basic 4: 2 Gingerbread Man + 4 Products

Basic 5: 2 Gingerbread Man + 5 Products



Why Should You Use Handmade Natural Soap?


1. Natural ingredients - Natural soaps are made with organic, biodegradable ingredients that are harvested, produced, or sourced in a safe and conscious way such as coconut oil, olive oil, 

essential oil.

2. Glycerin - Glycerin isn’t added to a handmade soap recipe – it’s created during the soap making process! Glycerin is a precious emollient that softens and maintains water balance by attracting moisture to your skin.

3. Aroma - Most of the handmade soap are scented with 100% pure essential oils. You are getting an awesome aroma every time you use the soap, and also benefit from the therapeutic properties each essential oil offers.

4. Good for environment - Natural handmade soaps are made with natural oils, have high glycerin content, are better for the environment with no detergents, phosphates or sulfates, and are never tested on animals.

5. Variety - Any colour, design or scent is achievable and there is such an amazing variety of choice out there that your bathroom can be filled with as many incredible colours and scents as you can handle.



Virgin coconut oil 100ml 


Uniqueness of Virgin Coconut Oil As Lotion


The virgin coconut oil we adding in our Cocos skincare series is all our in house produce premium quality coconut oil, to make sure we have very high quality control to produce natural and safe Cocos series skincare. These Virgion Coconut Oil will be harden to solid form when the temperature is lower than 24°C, is its in solid form you can feel free to scoop out any quantity you wish to use, put in your palm and they will easily melt. However is its above 24°C and is appear in liquid form, it is much easier to use. So if you are using this virgin coconut oil during winter, you may need to find some suitable jar to fill it so its’ more convenience for you to use it.


Virgin Coconut Oil As Lotion


In tropical country like Malaysia, Virgin Coconut Oil normally appear in liquid oil form, so it is very easy to use after bath. Just direct pump out on your palm and you can easily apply on your body like normal body lotion, just very small quantities and you can apply wide part on your body. If it is solidify already, you can take out some and put in on your palm, rub both your palms and it will easily melt and you can now massage it on your skin like normal lotion. Your body will smell comfortably mild coconut scent after you apply this Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil, and it is very easy absorb by skin, so after you use it for somewhile you going to find out your skin is looks more vibrant and feel more tender soft!



Virgin Coconut Oil As Makeup Removal


You can try to use our Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil  as make up removal, it is applicable from light to heavy make up. Drop some coconut oil on a cotton pad and soften your eye & lip makeup by place on it, wait for 1 minute and your make up can be easily remove. For sunblock and foundation you can direct use the cotton pad with coconut oil on it to directly soften & wipe your make up away. You will find that your skin still hydrating after use this make up removal.



Virgin Coconut Oil As Hair Oil


Our Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil not only can moisture your skin but can use to apply on your hair end as protection!



Virgin Coconut Oil As Sunscreen


Coconut oil had been scientifically study and prove that it come with natural sunscreen function. If your skin already sunburn, you can easily apply this coconut oil for soothing effect.



Virgin Coconut Oil For Eczema


If you happen to accidently have eczema problem you can try to apply our Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil, it can help to soothing & calming uncomfortable cause by eczema dryness and itchiness.    



Virgin Coconut Facial Cleanser 110ml


A calming facial cleanser special design for all type of skin especially sensitive skin.

Product uniqueness: soothing, resolve sensitive skin mild without stimulation, after washing does not cause dryness, smoothen skin 

Ingredients: cold pressed coconut oil, aloe vera essence, papaya essence, glycerine  

Product weight: 110ml   

Product texture: light moisture cream, soothing and nourishing the skin, strengthen the skin's surface protection, and help to maintain skin elasiticity.   

How to use: After wash your face with Cocos Facial Cleanser, recommend follow by Cocos Facial Toner and apply Cocos Facail Cream on your face and neck area for better result.  

Mild formula. Suitable for all skin use, including sensitive skin. 





Virgin Coconut Facial Toner 110ml


A hydrating natural moisture toner mist for all. Designed to refresh and relieve stress on your skin while on the go. Easy to apply. This toner mist is special formulated by added virgin coconut oil, helps keep skin hydrated and fresh when used regularly. 

Beneficial for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Product uniqueness: Virgin coconut oil added toner significant improves skin dryness, and does so better in comparison to other oils because of its antibacterial and emollient effects.



COCOS - Hydrating Facial Cream 100ml


Apply Cocos Hydrating facial cream twice a day, everytime after cleanse your face with our Cocos Facial Cleanser, your face will be hydrating due to its easily absorb formula. As the moist can stay longer on your skin so your make up will last longer too.



Pink Rosy Sea Salt 100ml


The soothing scent of roses make the Pink Rosy Sea Salts one of the most popular blends. With therapeutic qualities for dry or sensitive skin, our high mineral Pink Rosy Sea Salts are infused with a rich source of Vitamin E and are suitable for all skin types.


The aromatherapy of the soft Rose scent will help calm away your stresses and leaving you feeling as fresh as a daisy.



Relaxing Bath - Pour a small handful into a running bath for a relaxing soak.

Therapy Bath - Pour a 1-2 large handfuls into the bath and soak for 20 minutes.

Pedicure - Sprinkle a small amount into a foot bath to cleanse and soften feet.


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Fragrance, USP Grade Glycerin, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract



Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 100ml


MODERN: The miracle solution to a good night’s sleep. 


NATURAL: Infused with essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Clary Sage blended to help you release & relief. 


BEAUTY: A natural fragrant pillow spray - the best beauty secret there is.

Directions: Spray on your pillow or bed cover before you go to sleep. Use to promote rest and relaxation.


Cautions: For adults & kids above 3 years old only, keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.


Ingredients: Aqua, Polysorbate AOL-01, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Clary Sage Oil.




Bubble Mask Facial Cleanser 30ml


It helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. This amazing cleanser contains an outstanding Oxygen Therapy and various essentials which help relieve the skin from dead skin cells, sebum, impurities and any excess debris.



Oxygen Therapy Complex, Water, Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea Extract, Xanthan Gum, Fragrance.



Spread a right amount of the product on your dry face and leave it for thirty (30) seconds enjoying the formation of Oxygen bubbles. Rinse off with lukewarm water.



Natural Glow BB Cushion


Advanced 5 Multi Benefits with Only 1 Touch

1. Brightening effect

Whitening ingredients of Papaya Extract line safely and naturally brightens complexion, and increases skin clarity while fading blemishes.

2. UV protection

SPF 30 offers strong protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage.

3. Moisturizing Effect

Exclusive Optimal Mineral Water provides instant and deep moisturizing effect.

4. Natural and clean coverage

The medium coverage of a make-up tint gives the skin a natural finish without oil-shine and stickiness.

5. Soothing effect

Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface by 4℃, to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.



Antibacterial air cell sponge / Double puff structure

The formula glides onto skin evenly without clots and cools skin since it does not absorb moisture

Cleansing the puff

1. Take the puff with both hands and press down with the thumb.

2. Push out the foundation residue to the outer rim of the cushion.

3. Place the puff on your palm and press down when rinsing to remove the rest of the residue.


Do not rub or crease the cushion when cleansing. The double-ply structure may crack or get dislocated.



Kokoa Natural Body Scrub 150ml


Embrace your body with a creamy real natural chocolate scrub that has added with exfoliating natural sea salt, for stronger scrubbing effect.


Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Powder, Coconut Oil, Premium Grade Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, USP Grade Glycerine, Vanilla Essential Oil, Aqua.


How to use it:

Begin with wet skin in the shower—warm-to-hot water is ideal to soften the skin. Allow the shower to run for 5-10 minutes and let the warm water soften the skin and prepare for exfoliation. Pause the running water while you exfoliate. Apply the Kokoa Scrub in a circular motion. Rinse with water after scrub. Feel and smell your body full with tropical cocoa sensation.


For best result, apply Kokoa Body Cream after bath.



KOKOA - Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml


With premium grade cocoa butter added, helps to intensively hydrate and provide long lasting moisture. Nourishing formula helps absorb quickly and instantly moisturizes. Helps leave skin soft, smooth, and healthy looking.


How to use:

Smooth lotion over clean body daily.


Best for: dry skin, dull skin, cracked skin




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