1. 10 Reasons You Need To Talk To Your Crush

    The point is...WHAT IF WE NEVER DID?

    You might think that taking that one step to talk to your crush might cause you the end of the world if it doesn't work out. 

    Think of it this way, if you never try, you'll never know! What's the worst that could happen? Being rejected?

    A lot of people might think that rejection is a bad thing, that failure is fatal. No, it isn't! Let me explain.

    1. Maybe They Didn't Notice

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  2. Top 10 Personalised Gifts idea for her: Mother’s Day Budget edition!

    Mother’s Day!!! What is more exciting than being able to live with the most powerful woman on earth. Well, in this post blog first written after a long time, I brought to you some of the gifts that you should get for your superhero aka your mom! But, this time it won’t be as ordinary as others because the gifts that I chose are all personalised. We all know Mother’s Day gifts can come in various form, but why not we try something new with her very own personalised scarf or apron?

    You might had think that if its a personalised gift, thing might go a little bit pricey. No worries folks, I got you covered because in this edition, I’ve already set the price to be below than RM50. Crazy, I know. But it’s real. I wouldn’t want to invest so much money too, if I am a cheapskate.

    So, let’s see what type of gifts that will definitely make your mom goes “AWW THAT’S FOR ME?”

     10. Personalised Marble Coaster (RM29.90)

    Coaster is quite a rare gift to give to anybody. But, it will still make a great gift! Your mum would totally remember you everytime she put her coffee mug on it. Well, even if she doesn’t want it to be for a cup, this coaster will make a great decoration too. Put her name or some wish and quotes over the coaster and you are ready to go.

    9. Personalised Mother’s Day Puzzle (RM42.70)

    Mum complete us like a missing puzzle. This gift is a great metaphor on how mum completed our life like puzzle does to each other. You also can get it customized as you like. Maybe a picture of your siblings altogether or just her picture would be a nice and sweet decoration. Moreover, you got to spend a little fun game time with your mother to complete the puzzle. Thoughtful and great gift, indeed.

    8. Personalised 2 sided pocket mirror (RM15.00)

    Surely your mom won’t two sided you with anyone. Your mom is loyal to you and only you! But, not this mirror though. They are totally 2-sided, in a good way. This mirror will also let you personalised handwritten calligraphy name with White Vinyl Sticker. This rose gold personalised 7cm pocket mirror will also come with a gift box and calligraphy name tag. So elegant and beauty, like the mom!

    7. Personalised/ Customised Scarves (Rm40.00)

    A mom would love this! A scarf designated just for her? That is like hijabster dreams come true. It will be nice to get your mum a cute pictures along with her name or wishes. Splendid and fashionable. This will totally blew your mum away.

    6. Personalised Black Canvas/Makeup Case/ Pencil Case (RM27.00)

    A multipurpose bag, we could say that. This case made of canvas can be used for makeup, pencil case or perhaps both. This case can also be personalised with your mum’s name carved in gold colour. Along with the floral print on the side, your mom will totally geeked over it. You can choose the design too by the way! Change it to something simple if your mum is a minimalist.

    5. Personalised Chopping Board (RM25.00)

    For the cooking mum, this will totally be the one! So simple and yet very thoughtful. Every dishes our mum made had been touching our hearts, so this time let’s touch her heart by giving her something that will always remind her of us. Maybe, it will be too beautiful for your mum to use anyway but it will be nice to get this as a home deco too.

    4. Personalised Long Pillow (RM25.00)

    Mum totally deserves some rest after taking care of their children’s cranky behaviours. So, how about you get her a “bantal busuk” with her name on it! This pillow is stuffed with soft canvas with cotton polyester. Wuu, that is totally going to give her that good sleep.

    3. Personalised Unicorn Mug (RM49.00)

    Everybody needs a mug, especially for themselves. Sometimes, we get mad when people are using our mug and they would have always spit out “No, this is not your mug. It doesn’t have your name on it” Well, your mum probably experienced it too. So, guess what now? This mug totally belong to them only! Get your mum one, she will definitely love the colour of the mug too.

    2. Personalised Mother’s Day Apron (RM37)

    You thought we stop at the kitchen with the chopping board. Surprise! We got an apron too. It’s amazing and spectacular. I mean your mum must have been wishing to say that in a long time, so why not you get one with her name on it. Let people know, your mom totally own the kitchen and she is the boss! So get out (and buy this apron probably) .

    1. Personalised Mother’s Day Flower Box with Bear (RM20.00)

    All mothers LOVE flowers! And with the cute bear on the side, wow that is just too adorable. This thoughtful gift will totally suits our mum’s fierce adorableness. Well, mainly because the bear is fierce in reality but here it is just plainly cute. Girls and women all get excited for it! So, what are you waiting for?

    There a lot more choices to pick out, but these are my 10 favorite bits (and possibly yours too) in affordable prices. Mum means the world to us, so let’s make this Mother’s Day something unforgettable. Getting her own stuff, with her name on it will totally make you her favorite child in the family. Well, hahaha joking...or am I?

    Get all of these only at CAMDY! Visit our website to explore more choices of a unique, personalised and handmade gifts.

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  3. Camdy Comrades: Bring the Lightning!

    At Camdy, we make being a family a priority. Every month we make it a point to organise a team outing where as many of us who are able - because our work is important to us, and sometimes we just can't get away - go out to do something fun and bond a little. Sometimes in the office things can get a little stressful, whether its because of tight deadlines, miscommunications, misunderstandings, or a whole range of other normal, everyday issues. To be able to provide our customers and those who sell with us the most personal and friendly service however, we've got to be able to get along, and part of that is just being able to blow off some steam, let our hair down, and maybe get a little silly together now and then.

    This week, we decided to go see the god of thunder himself, and watch the mischief and mayhem he managed to get up to in his newest romp, Thor: Ragnarok.

    Our reactions when we decided on what to do this month.

    Sometimes finding just the right event can be hard to do, some people don't like heights, some people may not like getting sweaty, and some of us just don't have the time to take out of our busy social lives, specially after a long day of work. If there's one thing that brings us all - almost, a few of us were too busy this month sadly - together, it's a good, action packed Marvel movie. Who doesn't love superheroes?

    Where every good cinematic adventure begins. The tickets!

    So after a long day solving the gifting, and online platform needs of our customers and our sellers respectively, we took the long, 5 minute walk from our office to Citta Mall. The best thing we can say about the cinema there? No one goes there. Seriously, if you ever need to rush for a movie, watch it at MBO Cinemas in Citta Mall. Hopefully this doesn't spoil the market for everyone else who loves having it as practically their own private cinema. Still, on Wednesday night it was uncharacteristically packed with a whole bunch of people who had the same idea as us, to see Thor fight some monsters!

    Lego walls are perfect for repping our Camdy colours.

    We're not going to spoil the movie for you, because if you like a good adventure, then you'll be in for a real treat. All we're going to say is that the team got plenty of laughs and when it was over, Thor's antics with his new team definitely made us all feel like going out there and saving the world. Maybe we don't have lightning powers, but hey, if it wasn't for us where would you fulfill all your unique gifting needs? That's right, we're happy to get back to our jobs saving you from your own personal Ragnarok.

    Team Camdy calling in some reinforcements!

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  4. Camdy Gets a Facelift!

    After months of development where our IT team worked long hours testing and tweaking, the Camdy team is proud to present our new and improved look. Taking into account the trends and styles of our market, and wanting to ensure that each of our users has an intuitive and enjoyable experience shopping with us, this new look was born from our perpetual quest for improvement. At Camdy we believe that your shopping experience should be as fun and easy as possible, and that's why we all worked together to create something that we think looks great and is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for your mouse-clicking finger.

    It's safe to say that we're incredibly proud of the work that's been put into getting us here, and we're excited to show you all the new features we've added. So here they are!

    Out of Ideas? We've Got Some For You!

    Now we're sure you've been here before, you've got someone's birthday coming up, or their anniversary, or like now, Christmas is just around the corner and you've got absolutely no idea what to get for those special people in your life. You want something special, that's got that human touch, and that says "I love you" in just the right ways, right? We know, finding the perfect gift can be such a hassle and who has the time to dive into an entire website worth of things to buy? Well with our new Expert Picks section, you don't have to.

    What you'll find here are carefully curated, and regularly updated selections of gift ideas for all occasions. Looking for something special for your mom this Christmas? Got you covered. Looking for a gift for that stylish person in your life? We'll help you out with that too. Whatever the occasion, and whoever your special person might be, let us do the thinking for you and make sure the gift you select is just right.

    Filtering Made Easy

    If you've ever had the problem where you know just who you're shopping for, but you're having trouble finding a gift you think they'd like, then this new feature is going to make your life so much easier. A few quick clicks and our entire catalogue of products will be filtered and narrowed down to display only the things we think your giftee will love. We're sure you've been completely lost before when shopping for that super picky friend or family member, that's why our filtering system was designed to make the process a whole lot less frustrating, and a whole lot more rewarding. Whether your giftee's a fashionista, a foodie, a techie, or a nature-lover, we're sure you'll be able to find the perfect, unique gift for them with ease.

    We're here to make your life better, and a big part of that is taking some of the pressure off you when it comes to finding that one-of-a-kind present for that one-of-a-kind person.

    Show Me!

    Everyone likes to know what the thing they're buying is going to look like before they buy it. We know just how important it is to you to be able to see a sample. That's why we've put in a ton of work with our sellers and our IT team to create our new preview function. Only available for selected items at the moment, we'll be rolling it out more and more as we continue to work to improve our experience for you!

    For now, whenever you see our "Show Me" button underneath your customisation options, give it a try to see just how your order will look before you buy!

    At Camdy we perpetually work to make your experience better. If you need that perfect gift, we've got it, and now finding it should be a whole lot easier.

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  5. Camdy CEO: We don’t just deliver gifts. We deliver emotions

    Camdy CEO:  We don’t just deliver gifts. We deliver emotions

    Back in 2015, Camdy introduced Camdy Photo app, which is an online photo sharing and storing platform dedicated to preserving one’s memories digitally. Users are able to store and share a large number of photos with others, privately or publicly, across different devices anytime anywhere.

    In the process, CEO of Camdy - Edward Chee noticed the increasing requests from users to have their photos printed on items to send out as a gift for families and friends.

    “It is something our customers have told us over and over again.” said Edward.  

    Camdy aims to continually grow and evolve to stay competitive and innovative. Therefore, in response to the growing demands of the market, this year Camdy has undergone a major expansion into a new area – a Personalised Gifts Marketplace.

    “Have you ever received a personalised gift?” asked Edward. “It is a great feeling to receive something that is specifically made for you. It is a warm and emotional moment.”


    At Camdy, shoppers can find a variety of unique and personalisable products under one roof. It is also a platform where creative artisans and aspiring entrepreneurs can showcase their products to the world.

    To us, nothing is more boring than yet another generic or mass-produced product to grace a special occasion. That is why all the items on our marketplace are carefully selected by our team in accordance with our curation policy. We want the items to be able to make someone’s day.

    “We hope that our brand new Camdy will bring more value to our existing customers as well as to the public in general.” Edward remarked. “We are committed to putting customers at the heart of our business and be rest assured that we will work tirelessly to bring our marketplace to a whole new level.”   

    (Note: Camdy Photo will still be available on Apple Store and Google Play Store)

    To order your own personalised gifts, visit now!

    At Camdy, we don’t just deliver gifts. We deliver emotions.

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  6. 9种简单又有趣的BFF拍照姿势

























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  7. Having a Best Friends Matters More Than Having a Boyfriend

    Having a Best Friends Matters More Than Having a Boyfriend.

    It's always better to have a best friend than a partner.

    Well, ideally, you want to have a best friend and a boyfriend or girlfriend, but when romantic relationships fail, your best friend will always be there.

    I confess, I'm one of those self-satisfied, smug butt holes who really did marry her best friend, so I'm the luckiest girl alive, and I'm sure that that's true for lots of people.

    However, you still need a best friend outside of your partner.


    Well ...

      You always need to have someone to listen when you need to vent, especially when you're venting about your partner because even if you love your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, you know they get on your last damn nerve sometimes.

      But if your partner does try this sorry ish, your beastie will be behind your revenge plan.

      Sometimes it's awkward to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about your fantasies, whether you're talking about your sexual fantasies or your dreams and goals.

      That seems superficial, but it's really not – it's really kind of awesome, honestly.

      And she won't play come here, go away games with you, which is always a plus.

      She'll eat it with you and she won't judge you if you go back for seconds.

      You don't have to feel bad about burping or farting, either, because your beastie won't think you're gross.

      You know, the ones that you're just not prepared to tell your partner until you've been together for like fifty years.

      Whatever, it's just to make them sound better, it's not like you go around pretending to be a Duchess or anything.

      She doesn't judge you for them and, more importantly, she doesn't take them personally, even when you're all full of vitriol and angst.

      You don't even have to try to explain them.

      No one else understands your unwavering fear of the cotton in pill bottles, but your beastie does.

      You don't even have to leave broad hints, your beastie just knows.

      Not the crap movies you watch, the cheesy music you listen to, or the awful books you read – your best friend judges nothing.

      Because that's what friends are for.

    Do you have a best friend who's worth ten boyfriends or girlfriends?

    Let her/him know!

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  8. 10 Thoughtful gifts to give your best friends that they’re goanna love…

    There is something about searching for the perfect gifts to give your best friends that is very cathartic. Whether it is a gag gift or a token of appreciation, gifts should always leave your friends laughing or feeling sentimental. The best way to make a gift look thoughtful is to take your friends' interests or any inside jokes you may have with them into consideration. These are a few well-thought out gifts to give your best friends.


    One of the best gifts to give your best friends comes in the form of specially-engraved jewelry. Nothing shows how thoughtful you are like a necklace that either has each friend's birthday engraved into it or the year that you all met.


    A charm bracelet is a perfect way to incorporate your friend's interests into her gift. You can order specific charms that you feel pertain to her life and your friendship. Also, collecting charms for the bracelet can become a hobby shared between you and your friends.


    Customizing a t-shirt with a slogan or line from your friend's favorite TV show is a great way to show that you have an eye for detail.

    4. MUSIC MAN

    If you know what type of music your best friends are interested in, why not create a bundle containing music from both their favorite bands and similar artists? Go the extra mile by filling this basket with headphones, CDs, old records, an iTunes gift card, and posters pertaining to their favorite music genre as a whole.

    5. WALL ART

    No matter how different your friends are, odds are they all have at least one thing in common; their dorm, house, or apartment has walls! A great gift for any friend is some wall art. It could be a modern, hip photograph, an elegant painting, or simply a funny, quirky poster that reminded you of her! As long as it's something she will smile at every time she looks at the wall, you're doing something right!


    For one of my best friends' 18th birthday, she asked for an adventure! I gave her on; An adventure is a gift of time well spent that your bestie will cherish forever!


    Gifts don't have to be birthday presents, they can just be gifts saying "I thought of you!" If you travel somewhere, don't forget your friend back at home. Keep your eye out for a trinket she may adore, and when you give it to her let her know just how much you care! The surprise will certainly warm her heart.


    You're called best friends for a reason! You do everything together, have a million memories of each other, and couldn't live apart! Celebrate your friendship by creating a scrap book, complete with photos and memorabilia from all of your fondest memories! This is a great going-away gift to exchange between besties.

    9. DINNER

    Sometimes, all a friend needs is a nice night out. Nothing too wild or crazy, just a sit-down dinner with her best friend at her favorite restaurant! Offering your friend some time to unwind and unburden her feelings is sometimes the best gift you can give her.


    Shopping for clothes for other people can be quite a daunting task, but thankfully shopping for accessories is much less intimidating! If your friend loves wearing jewelry, hats, or scarves, buy her something you know she'll love! She'll be grateful, and you won't have to sneak around her closet looking for what size jeans she wears! The most important point that you should walk away with when reading this list of gifts to give your best friends is that it is the thought that counts. The amount that you spend on the gift holds no significance over whether or not it is, in fact, a great gift; what matters most is how firm you are in your belief that your friends will love what you get them. There is no materialistic value that can be placed on something that is heartfelt. What are some thoughtful gifts that you've given to your friends?

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  9. What is BFF?

    What is BFF?

    BFF means "Best Friends Forever". BFF is a form of written digital affection in the 21st Century.

    BFF is used commonly in chat communication as a way to tell another person online that you plan on being friends with them forever. Friendships make us feel better. Sometimes we have a friend as we sense that our souls are very closely connectedm especially BFF. Even if we do not see each other for years we are able to remain our best friend relationship.

    BFF among female often provide help and support during times of stresses as well during day to day struggles. Female friendships can provide women with information or advice regarding issues that are causing them stress and anxiety. You might lose quite a lot of friends when you leave school and then lose more when we graduate from university but there are some friends you know are going to be there for you forever - your BFF - and they're the ones who really matter.

    Ways to maintain lifelong friendship-BFF

    Build trust
    This seems simple, but you have to both constantly show each other that you can be trusted and depended on as friends.

    Trust is a significant factor when choosing whom to confide in. Women may have a circle of close female friends, but only share their deepest secrets with one or two of them.

    However, most women manage to trust their friends, continue to confide in them and remain hopeful that they are their secret-keepers.

    Be a good listener
    When your BFF talks to you about something that’s going on in her life, really listen. Good friendships are built on communication, so don’t ignore your friend. Take the time to really hear what they’re saying, and give advice if they ask for it.

    Show appreciation
    Always thank your BFF when she does something for you. Sometimes when you have known people for a long time, you can start to take them for granted. However, you also can tell your BFF how much you appreciate her. Make sure to express how you feel, and take actions that show how well you know and care them.

    Maintain contact
    If one friend moves far away and you don’t see each other often, call your BFF regularly. This is important to make sure that you know what is going on in your BFF’s life. Besides, you can use video chat to talk to your BFF and see her face.

    What does #BFF means on Facebook, Instagram?

    #BFF is an abbreviation that is used commonly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar places. 

    Adding hashtags(#) to the image you post to social media has become more popular on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but the place where it gets used most of all is on Instagram. 

    Sometimes, you would like to add some clever text to grab your audiences’ attraction, capturing some attention and likes.

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