Artisan's Story

Story of Terra Living

Based in a farm house hidden within a tranquil village minutes away from Melaka town, TerraLiving was co-founded by a team of passionate scientists and designers with a love for nature. TerraLiving is a refreshing presence in the art market scene with full range of designer's plant & living arts . With our highly customisable moss terrariums, rest assured that each living, breathing artwork is unique on its own.

In TerraLiving, all our fans get to choose from a wide range of figurines to give your moss a personal touch. We believe that everyone deserves to have a little nature on their desks. We aim to bring nature to your desktop, one moss at a time.


Story of Juize By Five

Juize By Five was founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs in the year 2014. They specialise in making extraordinary personalised gifts such as Laptop Bag, Convey Pouch, Passport Holder, ID Card Holder, Vintage Keychain and more! In less than 2 years, they have been recognised as an exceptional bespoke gift brand across Malaysia and have provided merchandising services for various international brands.

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for any occasion ? Look no further! Juize By Five got your back!