Fire & Fragrance

Our Story
Fire & Fragrance is a start up based in Kuala Lumpur, and its all about scented candles. Each candle is hand made and packaged using 100% soy wax, lead free cotton-core wicks and fragrance oils & candle scents. Our brand represents simplicity, elegance and natural resources. As the name goes by Fire & Fragrance seeks to lit up & brighten up the homes and at the same time give away beautiful fragrances. OUR STORY What started out as a curiosity to understand the making of candles and fragrances has now become a passion and commitment to create beautiful scented candles for your homes. Each candle is created using quality soy wax and fragrance oils and have been tested to ensure we achieve the optimum performance of each candle and fragrance throw. Our products are made from the best quality materials; from 100% natural soy wax, eco-friendly wicks, fragrance oils & candle scents. Options to choose from a range of 10 everyday scents and you are sure to find one that meets your mood. All our products are hand made and packaged in Malaysia. Personalized candle services are also available to cater to all your celebrations and occasions.